The FENIX Trophy is built on a formula divided into two phases: a group stage and the Final 8. The group stage consists of two groups of 4 teams each, in which every club will face its opponents home and away, amounting to a total of 6 games. This stage will run from mid-September until mid-May, featuring one game per week (either on Wednesdays or Thursdays), to provide continuity to the competition throughout the whole period.

The FENIX Trophy Final 8 will take place on the first weekend of June and will feature the 8 clubs drawn against each other in matches based on their group table, to define the final ranking. The Final 8 phase will be held in Rimini and will include non-football related events as well.



  • HFC Falke (Hamburg, Germany)

  • AS Lodigiani Calcio 1972 (Rome, Italy)

  • CD Cuenca-Mestallistes 1925 (Valencia, Spain)

  • Prague Raptors FC (Prague, Czech Republic)


  • Brera FC (Milan, Italy)

  • FC United of Manchester (Manchester, UK)

  • Afc DWS (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  • AKS Zly (Warsaw, Poland)


22 September 2021 HFC Falke-Prague Raptors Football Club 0-2 (23′ Owusu, 67′ Balzhinimaev)

30 September 2021 AKS Zly-Brera FC 1-2 (64′, 75′ Abo el Ata (B), 84′ Celoch (Z))

06 October 2021 CD Cuenca-Mestallistes 1925-AS Lodigiani Calcio 1972 1-2 (4′ Pasqualini (L), 20′ Tono (C), 68′ Panella (L))

20 October 2021 AS Lodigiani Calcio 1972-Prague Raptors Football Club 4-1 (10′ Romero (P), 57′, 70′ Finucci (L), 63′ Blandino (L), 88′ Fiorani (L))

27 October 2021 AKS Zly-FC United of Manchester

more updates will follow…



The European dimension of the event and the presence of iconic clubs forms the central narrative in terms of communication.

Every match will be broadcast via free live streaming through the competition’s YouTube channel. The games will feature double commentary, both in the home team’s and away team’s language. Staging one game per week – for a total of 24 weeks – allows the clubs’ fanbases’ interest to focus on a single game at a time.